The Cheating Housewife

When we think of sex role play wearing sensual lingerie (or may be wild lingerie) and ideas, the cheating housewife has to be the most classic.

Sex can be even more exciting when you are scared you might get caught. But if you are in a stable monogamous relationship, that no longer factors in.

Well, with the right roleplay ideas you can bring that element of danger back into your relationship. Here’s how you do it.

The women can be at home, maybe doing some work or finishing up some chores when ‘the mailman’ comes by. They talk for a few minutes, but the attraction is undeniable. The two sneak into the bedroom for some afternoon delight but time is off the essence! They must be done before her husband comes home.

Of course, there are many variations on the cheating housewife theme. One obvious one is the cheating househusband.

Perhaps it is the man who is at home doing some work and he gets a knock on the door from the mailwoman!

You can also arrange to meet in a bar or club and sneak off to a hotel to have an affair away from your husband or wife. This can be really effective if you dress up in such a way that you look like a mystery man or woman and not at all like yourself.

The element of danger and trying something new can be very erotic. It can be even sexier to imagine that you’re with someone else, or that you are someone else. What will this new identity bring to the bedroom and how will it make you react?

There’s only one way to find out. How will you be making your cheating housewife fantasy come to life?

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